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General Information

Under one governing body and one headteacher we have two schools (an infant school and junior school) that maintain a distinctive nature and culture and provide choice for parents who prefer the special feel of an infant and junior school. There is a high level of collaboration between both staffs who are not only familiar with their partner school but many of whom share a role in both schools.

We promote our 4R’s on a daily basis and use the terminology throughout the school.

We RESPECT one another,

We build our RESILIENCE to challenges,

We take RESPONSIBILITY for our actions, and

We REFLECT on our learning together because 

Together Everyone Achieves More

Lost Property

Please make sure that all uniform is clearly marked with your child’s name and if it is found we will endeavour to return it to them.  Where this is not possible, we rating lost property for half a term.  If you are missing any items, you are welcome to come into school to have a look for them in our lost property collection.

Stationery and Tuck Shop

We run a stationery and tuck shop during morning breaks.  The stationery shop on Mondays sells a variety of small items that your children may use such as rubbers, pens, pencils etc if they would like to have their own stationery.

Tuck shop on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning offers a selection of healthy snacks such as fruit, cheese, yoghurts etc.  Snacks range from 10 – 40p (please bring no more that 50p for snacks).

Holiday Requests

Any requests for term-time holidays cannot be authorised by the Headteacher unless there are extenuating circumstances.  For any term-time absences that are not due to illness, please make an appointment to see the Headteacher to complete the necessary paperwork.

LAB and Pastoral Care

The Learning and Achievement Base (LAB) supports our children and parent/carers.

The emphasis of support is to promote inclusion and offer a link between home and school. The LAB is managed by our staff who have a wealth of experience ranging from supporting behaviour management, social and emotional needs to safeguarding and child protection issues. The LAB works closely with external agencies including Social Services, Education Welfare, Behaviour Support, Consultant Paediatricians etc.

If you would like more details please do not hesitate to contact the school and speak to Maria Grace or Lorraine Misdom.

Behaviour Management

Behaviour at Southwood is generally very good. However, there are times when some children find it difficult to follow all of the school rules all of the time. At these times, we support these children but there are times when we have to place a child on report. Reports are used for inappropriate behaviour at breaktime, lunchtime, following problems during after school club or within the classroom during learning time. As a consequence if a child is placed on any report they will not be allowed to attend any clubs, even if parents/carers contribute to this financially. Children will also not be allowed to take part in any trips or visits, unless it’s an integral part of the curriculum.

For further information, please see our Behaviour Policy.

School Council

The school council has a proactive role in school and councillors have been voted by their peers.  Councillors take suggestions from their class to the School Council meetings to ensure pupil voice is distributed throughout the school.